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Connects are virtual tokens you use to submit proposals for jobs.

  • If the client initiates contact by inviting you to bid or sending you an offer, you won't need to use any Connects.
  • All other proposals require anywhere from one to five Connects, depending on factors such as the size and type of project. Most proposals require two Connects.
  • If a project is canceled without forming a contract with any freelancer, the Connects used on that proposal will be returned for you to reuse.

To see your current Connects balance:

  1. Go to Find Work.
  2. Your Available Connects balance is shown in the Proposals box on the right.

To check how many Connects you need to submit a proposal:

  1. Go to the project details page.
  2. Required Connects is shown at the top right under the Submit Proposal and Save buttons.

To add more Connects (Plus plan):

  1. Click Submit Proposal on your chosen project.
  2. Choose the number of extra Connects to purchase ($1 per connect).
  3. Click Add Connects. Your billing method will be charged immediately.

To view your Connects History Report:

  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Connects History in the More Reports list.

Maximum Connects

The maximum number of Connects you can have at one time is limited to five times your monthly allotment (350 for Freelancer Plus plans and 400 for Agency Plus plans).

Warning: The rollover limit is lower than the purchase limit. If you exceed the rollover limit, surplus Connects will expire at your next billing cycle date.


One of the perks of a Plus plan is keeping your unused Connects for future use. But rollover privileges are not unlimited. The number of Connects you can carry over to the next billing cycle is capped at twice the monthly allotment. Freelancers with the Plus plan can roll over up to 140 Connects (agencies can roll over 160). So if you buy too many extra Connects or don't use them for a few months, your leftover Connects will expire and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Examples of what would happen to your Connects on your next billing cycle date:

  • Freelancer Basic (no rollover)
    You started the month with 60 Connects. You used 40. The leftover Connects expire. The next month, you start fresh with 60 again.
  • Freelancer Plus (rollover)
    You started the month with 70 Connects. You used 40. The leftover 30 Connects roll over. The next month, you have 100 available (30+70).
  • Freelancer Plus (over rollover limit)
    You hadn't used Connects in several months and started the month with the maximum 210 Connects. You used 40. Only 140 of the leftover Connects roll over. The other 30 surplus Connects expire. The next month, you have 210 available (140+70).
  • Agency Plus (rollover)
    You started the month with 80 Connects. You used 40. The leftover 40 Connects roll over. The next month, you have 120 available (40+80).
  • Agency Plus (over rollover limit)
    You started the month with 80 Connects. You bought 150 more. You used 40. Only 160 of the leftover Connects roll over. The other 30 surplus Connects expire. The next month, you have 240 available (160+80).

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