Having information about your engagement outcomes on Upwork can help improve your success. My Stats is a system that pulls your account’s activity data into reports to help you analyze and optimize your work. You can see where you are doing well, how you are doing compared to other freelancers, which marketing efforts are working for you, and where you might want to make changes.

View My Stats

To view the information, go to Find Work > My Stats tab. Data will first appear when you submit a proposal to a job or when a client hires you directly—whichever happens sooner. Until then, My Stats will encourage you to complete your profile if you haven’t done so already.

Here you can see your:

  • Earnings: The 12-month summary of your earnings
  • Job Success Score (JSS): Your current JSS
  • Profile metrics: See how your profile and marketing efforts are performing
  • Proposal statistics: Track the performance of your proposals
  • Client relationship metrics: View data on the clients you’ve worked with
  • Connects balance: Your current Connects balance
  • Badge progress: The next Upwork talent badge you can earn

Your My Stats charts are updated when a related event occurs, like submitting a new proposal or gaining profile views while boosting your profile. Timestamps show when the data was last updated.


Some statistics won’t be visible until you have enough work history to calculate accurately.


Your earnings for the last 12 months are displayed here. Go to Reports > Transaction history to see all of your transactions.

Job Success Score

Your JSS is a metric that measures your clients' satisfaction with your work on Upwork. A high JSS score can help you stand out in the Upwork marketplace, helping you spend less time finding clients and more time working with them. Learn more about JSS.

Profile metrics

This section displays metrics on your profile’s performance:

  • Profile views: The number of people who have viewed your profile for the selected time frame
  • Invites: The number of invitations to submit proposals you’ve received for the selected time frame
  • Impressions and clicks: The number of impressions and clicks your profile received for the selected time frame while your profile is boosted. This graph only shows data for time periods when your profile is boosted.

The displayed metrics show results for both the on and off state of your Availability Badge.


This section shows statistics for the proposals you’ve sent, including the number of views and how many have led to interviews and being hired.

The displayed metrics show results for both standard and boosted proposals.

Client relationship

Data displayed here shows your client relationships based on time.


Your current Connects balance is displayed here.


This section shows your current badge status and the next Upwork Talent badge you can earn. The link shows details of the requirements needed for the displayed badge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn't my eligible weeks change this week?

Out of the past 16 weeks, you still have the same total number of eligible weeks as last time we checked. Eligible weeks must include Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score above or equal to 90%. Each Saturday we remove the week 17 weeks ago from the calculation and add the most recent week. (See the chart above for a visual example.)

For the count to increase, you must be eligible this week, but not have been eligible 17 weeks ago (eligible weeks count would go up by one).

For the count to decrease, you must not be eligible this week, but were eligible 17 weeks ago (eligible weeks count would go down by one).

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