Every freelancer looks for ways to maximize their chances of success. Seeing where you excel and finding ways to improve is impossible without the right tools and information. By using My Stats, you can see where you stack up against the competition and what you need to work on.

  • Marketing effectiveness -- Stats on how many people are viewing and visiting your profile.
  • Application style and results -- See how often you get hired compared to your bid total.
  • Communication effectiveness -- Track how you are doing at responding to invitations to submit a proposal.
  • Overall reputation on Upwork -- See feedback from clients.

My Stats will first appear when you submit a proposal to a job or are hired directly, whichever happens sooner. Please note that some statistics will not be visible until you have enough work history for an accurate calculation.


  • Responsiveness – Your average invitation response time, which is also shown on your profile.
  • Invitation response rate – Freelancers who are successful and available for new work try to accept or decline invitations within a day, every time.
  • Availability – If you’re not available for new work, tell your prospective clients! You’re unlikely to receive invitations while unavailable, but if you do get any, they won’t be marked against your communication effectiveness.

Marketing Effectiveness

  • Profile view count – Number of distinct people who have viewed your profile tile in search results daily, in the past 30 days
  • Profile view count trend – Compares this view count to the statistic over the past 6 months

Client Satisfaction

  • Job Success Score (JSS) – A regularly updated measure of your overall reputation. Top freelancers maintain a score of 90% and above. If your score drops below 70% and stays there for a significant period of time, it may trigger a Terms of Service compliance review.
  • 12-month earnings – Gross earnings in the past year (inclusive of service fees).
  • Percentage of clients that would recommend you – Clients that have indicated they would recommend you to others.
  • Percentage of long-term clients – Of the clients you’ve worked within the past year, this metric shows the percentage of clients you worked with for at least three months. This could be over one or multiple contracts and could be hourly or fixed-price work.
  • Recent account holds – Account holds and notifications of possible Terms of Service violations you've received in the past 90 days.
  • Top Rated Eligible Weeks (see below) – The number of weeks in the past 16 weeks where you either had Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score above or equal to 90%

Calculating Top Rated Eligible Weeks

To earn Top Rated status, you need to maintain Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score (JSS) of at least 90% for at least 13 of the last 16 weeks. The Top Rated Eligible Weeks metric keeps track of that progress looking at the last 16 weeks as a rolling window. The count is updated every Saturday.

Below is an example of how the count of eligible weeks could change over the course of 6 weeks. In green are weeks with a JSS of at least 90%. These are the weeks counted up to determine if you've been eligible at least 13 of the last 16 weeks. Weeks you had Rising Talent status would also be counted as eligible (green).

Why didn't my Eligible Weeks change this week?

Because of the past 16 weeks, you still have the same total number of eligible ones as last time we checked. Eligible weeks are ones where you either had Rising Talent status or a Job Success Score above or equal to 90%. Each Saturday we remove the week 17 weeks ago from the calculation and add the most recent week. (See chart above for a visual example.)

In order for the count to increase, you must be eligible this week, but not have been eligible 17 weeks ago (Eligible Weeks count would go up by one).

In order for the count to decrease, you must not be eligible this week, but were eligible 17 weeks ago (Eligible Weeks count would go down by one).


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