An Invitation to Interview is a message sent directly from a client asking you to discuss their job. Your response speed is shown on your profile so successful freelancers accept or decline invitations as soon as possible.

To respond to an Invitation to Interview

  1. Click the Find Work tab, and select Proposals
  2. In the Invitations to Interview section, click the job’s title
    • Accept: Either propose new terms or leave them as they are. Write a message to the client
    • Decline: Select a reason. If you like, you can write a message to the client letting them know why you're passing on the invitation. Do not give the client your contact information when you decline
    • Ignore: This moves the invitation out of your way and into your archived area so you can accept or decline it later, but does NOT count as a response

Active Candidacies

Accepted invitations and proposals that a client responds to become Active Candidacies.

  • A Message room is created for you to discuss your proposal
  • At this point, it’s OK to share your contact information and communicate with the client any way you wish. However, only Upwork Messages are automatically integrated with the contract and accessible within Upwork
  • This is your opportunity to learn more about the client and project before determining if you want to pursue a contract and what terms you’ll want to set

To send a client a message

  1. Go to Find Work  Proposals
  2. In the Active Candidacies section, click the job’s title
  3. Write your message to the client and click the Send button

Change Proposal Rate or Bid

Over the course of your interview and negotiations, you may decide to update your proposal. You can’t change your cover letter, but you can update your terms.

To update your proposal terms

  1. Go to Find Work  Proposals
  2. In the Active Candidacies section, click the job’s title.
  3. Use the Propose Different Terms field if you want to change your bid or rate. Remember the client only sees rates including the Upwork service fee
Who can work on an agency contract?

The agency has full control over who works on their contracts. The best practice is to be transparent with your client on who is doing the work, but it’s not usually necessary for every member working for the client to have their own contract.

However, agency members, like all Upwork users, must not share accounts, so on an hourly contract, only the freelancer named on the contract can log time with the Upwork desktop app. Time from other agency members would have to be added to the Work Diary manually or be paid via bonuses. There is no time tracking for fixed-price contracts.

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