Top Rated and Rising Talent

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Top Rated

The “Top Rated” program highlights the highest performing and most dependable freelancers and agencies on Upwork to help you find a great match for your job. These members have built a strong reputation on Upwork by consistently delivering high-quality work for their clients.

You can find Top Rated freelancers and agencies across experience levels, categories, and geographies by looking for the badge on their profiles and proposals.

Top Rated freelancers are freelancers who

  • Demonstrate consistent high-quality work with multiple clients
  • Have an up-to-date and complete freelancer or agency profile
  • Accurately list current availability for new jobs
  • Have a strong earnings track record

We check member eligibility every two weeks to ensure that we highlight those who are currently recognized by their clients as dedicated to outstanding performance.

Rising Talent

The Rising Talent program highlights some of the best new members in the Upwork marketplace.

Rising Talent freelancers have great potential based on strong backgrounds in their fields and early success with their clients on Upwork. Rising Talent agencies are new agencies that either have strong backgrounds in their industries or were an agency started by Top Rated freelancers.

You can find Rising Talent freelancers and agencies across experience levels, categories and geographies by looking for the blue badge on their profiles and proposals.  

Rising Talent members don’t yet have an extensive work history on Upwork or a Job Success Score, but have shown potential via their profile, proposals, and early projects. It’s still important for you to review, evaluate, and meet to discuss the profile and proposal of Rising Talent, just as you would for any other freelancer or agency.

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