Earnings are automatically withdrawn to your primary payment method based on the Payment Schedule you choose. To update or change your Payment Schedule, go to Settings > Get Paid.

Available Payment Schedules

  • Quarterly (last Monday of each quarter)
  • Monthly (last Wednesday of each month)
  • Twice per month (1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month)
  • Weekly (every Wednesday)

Your balance is only withdrawn automatically when it exceeds a specific limit (e.g. $100 or more) on your scheduled withdrawal date.

You can adjust your automatic withdrawal limit in your Get Paid settings under Edit Schedule. If your available balance never exceeds this limit, you can use the Get Paid Now button to manually withdraw your earnings at any time.

Balances older than 180 days will be withdrawn automatically, whether they are over your balance limit or not.

Important Exception: Monthly and twice per month schedules won't pay out if the entire balance became available that same day. This means that if you have a zero balance before earnings clear on payday, scheduled payment will be deferred to the next cycle. Monthly and twice per month schedules will process the same day if your account had any prior balance.

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