Choose an Automatic Payment Schedule

The Upwork payment system for freelancers has two parts: the method and the schedule. Once you've set up the most appropriate, cost-effective method for your needs, you'll need to choose a schedule:

  • Weekly - Every Wednesday
  • Twice per month - First and third Wednesday of each month
  • Monthly - Last Wednesday of each month
  • Quarterly - Last Monday of each quarter (March 28, 2016 | June 27, 2016 | September 26, 2016 | December 26, 2016)

Set Schedule

Choosing a schedule is part of the process when you first set up your account for payments.

  1. Go to the Accounts menu > Settings > Get Paid
  2. Click the Added a Payment Method button and enter your Payment Details
  3. Select your Schedule and click Next
  4. You'll then need to fill out a W-9 or W-8BEN to complete setup

Change Schedule

  1. Go to the Accounts menu > Settings > Get Paid
  2. Click Edit Payment Schedule
  3. Make adjustments to the schedule timing or payment method and click the Save Changes button

Pause Schedule

If your balance stays below $100 (U.S.)/$1,000 (International), your payment schedule will be paused until you exceed the balance or time limit. Use the Get Paid Now option to access your funds whenever you choose.

  • Time Limit – Upwork checks for balances that have been held for longer than 180 days. These checks occur according to your chosen payment schedule (quarterly is the default).
  • Balance Limit – On your scheduled payment date, if your balance equals or exceeds $100 (for U.S. freelancers) or $1,000 (for non-U.S. freelancers), your full balance will be paid out via your chosen payment method. Scheduled payments are always of your full available Upwork balance.

Important Exception: Monthly and twice per month schedules won't pay out if the entire balance became available that same day. This means that if you have a zero balance before earnings clear on payday, scheduled payment will be deferred to the next cycle. Monthly and twice per month schedules will process the same day if your account had any prior balance.

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