Since you could be working from one of 180+ countries, you need options. That’s why we offer wire transfers — a great way for you to access your payments if you have a valid bank account outside of the U.S. For information on adding wire transfer as a payment method, go here.

Processing Time

  • We process wire transfers within one business day, but they may take up to seven days to arrive in your bank account.
  • Bank holidays in the U.S. or your country can delay your funds.

Transfer Fees

Upwork charges a $30 fee for each U.S. dollar wire transfer.

  • Wire transfers to non-U.S. Dollar accounts are subject to fluctuating rates on the foreign exchange market. Your bank will determine the exchange rate you will receive.
  • Your bank may charge an exchange fee or currency spread in place of, or in addition to, the basic incoming international wire fee. If your bank uses an intermediary and/or correspondent bank, it may charge an additional fee. Please ask your bank about the possible fees.

Remittance Information

Banks in some countries such as Ukraine and India require a memo along with every incoming wire transfer. When you select a wire transfer payment method, you will see a Remittance information field that allows you to enter a memo. This memo will be sent along with your wire transfer.

  • Banks process remittance information differently, so you should contact your bank to determine the format you need to use for the memo. Depending on your bank, it may or may not be visible on your bank statement.
  • We have set up our system so that custom remittance memos can be set on scheduled wire payments. The memo will remain the same for each payment until you edit it in your schedule.


  • You must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on the bank account. If the name on your bank account doesn't match your verified name on Upwork, go here to learn how you can fix it.

If your bank asks for a Certificate of Earnings, download one from your Reports tab.

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