At Upwork, we’re always working to make processes as smooth as possible, especially when it comes to your money. That’s why we give you payment options, including PayPal.

To add PayPal to your Upwork account, click here.

In most cases, payment transfers between Upwork and PayPal occur immediately. However, there are occasions when it may take up to 24 hours. If a transfer was initiated more than 24 hours ago and is still not complete, please contact PayPal.

To make transfers to PayPal, you must use your own registered PayPal account. There are a couple of important things to know:

  • For security reasons, you cannot use your PayPal account with Upwork for three days after you add it, so we suggest adding it or another payment method to your account as soon as you start submitting proposals. That way, you’ll be ready when it’s time to collect your earnings.
  • PayPal may limit your account functionality until you pass their verification procedures, and they usually require a bank account or credit card.


In addition to the small, per-transfer fee Upwork charges, there may be additional costs on PayPal's side.

PayPal's outgoing withdrawal fees vary by method and currency choice (see PayPal's withdrawal fee calculator for details). PayPal also may charge additional fees based on your location. For example, PayPal India classifies transfers from Upwork as payments for services and therefore charges additional fees.

To check Upwork's per-transfer fees for PayPal, click here. Click the Add Payment Method button to see all your options and pricing. For more information on adding PayPal as a payment method, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my PayPal account to my Upwork account?
  1. Go to SettingsGet Paid
  2. Click Add Method
  3. Click the Set Up button for your chosen method
  4. You will be redirected to sign in to your PayPal account for verification
  5. Choose a payment schedule and click Next
I tried to add or re-add PayPal to my Upwork account and got redirected to PayPal. Is this legitimate?

Yes, it’s a measure to help safeguard your accounts. When you add or re-add PayPal to your Upwork account you will be directed to PayPal.com. There, you’ll be prompted to log into your PayPal account and confirm that you want to “Connect your PayPal account to Upwork.”

To add PayPal to my Upwork account I see I have to agree to terms as part of choosing “Connect your PayPal account to Upwork.” What am I agreeing to?

When you agree to connect your PayPal account to Upwork, you allow PayPal to share your full name, email, address, account verification status, and PayPal ID with us. This information helps us confirm that you own the PayPal account; we need to verify that to help keep you and your accounts safe.

I reconnected my PayPal account but it's saying I have to wait 3 days to use it. Why?

We have a standard hold period any time a payment method is added to an account. This hold stays in place for three calendar days to ensure your account security.

Do I have to link my PayPal account to Upwork?

If you don’t want to link your PayPal account to Upwork, you do not have to do so. You can use any payment method available to freelancers in your country. To see your options, click here.

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