✔️ We are making updates to the Upwork Desktop App and starting on Monday, Oct. 30, 2023, we will gradually send out an automatic pop-up notification to customers to complete the update.Having trouble after the update? Learn more here.

Things to know:

  • We will not send the update while you are actively logging time on a contract (we don’t want to interrupt your work). We’ll wait until you’ve turned the Time Tracker off to send the update. 
  • You’ll be required to update to the latest version of the app immediately once you see the pop-up. The update is needed for authentication reasons and cannot be scheduled for later. The update will also streamline the sign-in process going forward.
  • Once you’ve updated to the latest version, you’ll be asked to log into Upwork again and then redirected back to the desktop app. You’ll need to log in there as usual to access features such as Upwork Messages.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Linux 32-bit, you will need to upgrade to a supported operating system because Linux 32-bit will no longer work with the app. Supported systems are: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit, Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, and macOS 13 Ventura.

To help make getting work done easier, the Upwork desktop app is designed for collaboration. To help make work safer, it includes Payment Protection. Everyone can use it to send Messages. Freelancers also use it to log time on hourly contracts.

The app is available for recent versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux


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