If you get an error message related to the Upwork Desktop App, it often can be resolved by quitting the app and then reopening it. This will force the app to load any updates from our side.

If the issue continues, check below for known fixes.

Known Issues and Fixes

Unable to Log In

If you or an agency member or colleague have trouble logging on to the Upwork desktop app, it could be a problem with the Sign in with Google feature. Try the following solution.

  • Disable authorization via Google. Go to Profile Settings -> Connected services -> [Sign in with Google] -> Disconnecting, then reattempt login via the desktop app.
  • Next, log in to your desktop app using your username only.

If the issue still persists, please contact Upwork Support directly for further review of your account settings.

Unable to Track Time

For instructions on how to log time with the Upwork Desktop App click here.

If you are unable to log time on an hourly contract listed in the app, please close the app and log in to your Upwork account from your internet browser. Then, clear your cookies by clicking here and restart the app. If the issue persists please report the problem (see FAQ below). If your contract is not listed in the app please see below.

Contract Not Listed in Desktop App

By default, only active, hourly contracts will appear in your list for time-tracking purposes. You can check your contract status here. If the contract is paused, has ended, or hasn’t started yet, you can’t log time to it. If the start date is in the future, it will activate that day at UTC 00:00 (not your local time).

If the contract is active but still isn’t available in the app, it most likely recently changed status. You can force a refresh of your contract list by clicking on the refresh icon in the Upwork desktop app.


Fixed-Price contracts can be tracked using the Upwork Desktop App but they do not qualify for Hourly Protection, they only qualify for Fixed-Price Protection.

To turn on tracking for fixed-price contracts

  • Select the Settings option from the menu
  • Select the Advanced option from the menu
  • Turn on Track Time on Fixed-Price Projects

Important: Time logged on fixed-priced contracts is for tracking purposes only and will not be counted towards your total work hours displayed on your profile.

Time Tracker is Offline/Missing Hours

The Upwork desktop app has a time-caching mode so you can continue logging time through minor Internet connection issues or Upwork site maintenance. Usually, the cache will automatically upload as soon as your connection is reestablished so the time can be included in your weekly invoices. The latest version of the desktop app can cache 24 hours at a time. Once it is full, you can no longer log time on any contract until the cache is uploaded. The most common causes of time-caching mode are:

  • Upwork maintenance – Upwork undergoes periodic, and usually brief, downtime for maintenance. During this time, you can continue to work and your logged time will be held in the cache. It should reconnect and upload the cache within an hour
  • Unstable Internet connection – The desktop app, especially when trying to upload logged time, requires a stable Internet connection. It should reconnect and upload the cache automatically as soon as the connection stabilizes, usually within a few minutes

Warning: Although it's available as a backup, we strongly recommend you avoid caching mode as much as possible.

If you do work in caching mode:

  • Do not log time from another computer while you have a cache awaiting upload. This will prevent the cached time from uploading
  • You must reconnect before the end of the weekly billing cycle to upload your cached time. It can’t be uploaded after the Work Diary is locked. If the cache fails to upload automatically, you cannot recover it manually

Uploading the cached time

Once you have a stable Internet connection, the cached time will upload automatically. You will know the cache is uploading when the desktop app status says “Online and uploading.” It will change to “Online” when the cached time has been completely uploaded to the server.

If you have an ongoing connectivity problem, the app will appear stuck in caching mode and fail to upload your time. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Poor Internet connection
  • TLS (required security protocols) disabled in your Windows Internet settings (how to fix)

The default time zone from the Time Tracker is UTC. If you believe you are missing hours after any cached time has been uploaded to the server please first check your Work Diary where you can update the view to your own time zone. If the issue persists please report the problem (see FAQ below).

Desktop App Download Failed

Here are the most common reasons for a failed download and how you can fix each:

  • Firewall or proxy server issue – Contact your system administrator to allow access
  • Poor Internet connection – It is important to make sure you have a strong and stable Internet connection before you download
  • No administrator privileges – Check to see if you are the administrator of your computer and that you have enough space on your computer to download the application
  • Inaccurate time/date settings – Check to make sure the time and date settings on your computer are correct
  • Antivirus software is blocking the application – You can temporarily disable your antivirus program for just the time it takes to download, to avoid disruption. It may become necessary to add the Upwork desktop app to your antivirus whitelist
Weekly Hours Limit Not Updating

If the weekly hours limit is increased on a contract, it can take up to 24 hours for the update to reflect in the Upwork Desktop App. You can continue logging hours as long as it's within the updated weekly limit and the app will auto-update within 24 hours. If the weekly hours limit is decreased it won't take effect until the next working week.

Older Version of Desktop App is Running

Older versions of the desktop app can prevent the current version from running properly. Please ensure you only have one version of the desktop app installed on your machine. If you have more than one version, please uninstall all versions and then redownload and reinstall the latest version.

Virus Warning or Black Screenshots

The Upwork desktop app is completely safe. However, because it uses various API technologies to capture and record screenshots, some virus scans mistake this capturing and transmitting of information as potential spyware or malware.

We assure you that the information collected by the desktop app is kept private between you and those you work with on Upwork. The app poses no security threat to your computer system. Avoid getting these warnings or black screenshots in the future by adding the desktop app to your security scan's whitelist. In Webroot Antivirus you'll need to allow upwork.exe in "Identity Protection."

Excessive CPU Usage (Mac)

In some cases, the Upwork Team App for Mac (more specifically the "Upwork Helper" process) will develop excessive CPU usage. If this occurs:

  1. First, confirm you are running the latest version of the app. In most cases, upgrading will resolve the issue
  2. If the issue persists, quit the Upwork Team App, open the Terminal on your Mac, and then run this command
    open Upwork.app --args --enable-gpu
  3. You may need to repeat step 2 every time you open the app until the next time the app updates. When it asks to update, be sure to let it.
Activate Screenshot and Webcam (Mac)

If you or an agency member or colleague have trouble logging on to the Upwork desktop app, it could be a problem with the Sign in with Google feature. Try the following solution.

  • If you are having trouble with your webcam, microphone access and taking screenshots, it may be a permissions problem with your MacOS. MacOS Mojave and newer versions add the camera and microphone to the app permissions panel. Prior to this update, app permissions only included accessing your location, contacts, photos, calendar, and reminders.

How to completely delete the Upwork Desktop App's cache

  1. Close the Upwork Desktop App
  2. Open File Explorer (or an alternative) and navigate to one of the links below, based on your operating system:
    • For Windows: %USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Upwork
    • For Mac: ~/Library/“Application Support”/Upwork
    • For Linux: ~/.Upwork
  3. Delete the "Upwork" folder
  4. Restart the desktop application

How do I report a problem?

If you still experience problems, report the issue so we can help you. Here’s how:

  1. Click your name at the lower left of the app
  2. Select Support and Feedback
  3. Enter the details of your issue and click Send

Please provide an explanation of your issue with as much information as possible, including the date and time (in your time zone) that the incident occurred and the contract ID.

Our support team can assist you in a more efficient manner if you can provide specific details or screenshots of the problem you encountered, any error messages received, and whether the issue is ongoing.

If the problem prevents you from contacting us through the app, you can file this form. Please understand you may be asked to upload the log file manually and it could take a little longer to resolve the issue.

Should I reset my app if there's a problem?

Do NOT press the Clear cache and restart button in the app preferences unless instructed by Customer Support. This reset option will wipe your app’s user data and restore the app to default settings. You will lose all preferences, user settings, saved credentials, and any un-uploaded time cache. You can’t undo this action. Afterward, it will be like you are logging in for the first time.

How can I find my log file?

If an agent needs you to send in log files to help diagnose an issue, go to the location listed below, then create an archive of your log files to attach to your ticket.

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Upwork\Upwork\Logs
  • Mac: Open Finder > Go menu > Go to Folder > Enter "~/Library/Application Support/Upwork/Upwork/Logs"
  • Linux: ~/.Upwork/Upwork/Logs/

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