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To make work more convenient, we developed the Upwork Desktop App. This app lets you track your time, message with clients, and use our Zoom video integration for high-quality video calls.

Select the Download Now button below to download the desktop app.

You may have to temporarily disable your antivirus software and close any unnecessary programs that are running on your computer to complete the download.

If you are downloading an update, we recommend that you uninstall any previous versions of the desktop app that you already have on your computer first, then run the installer as an administrator. Please check below for operating system specific installation instructions.

Operating Systems


To install the desktop app on Windows

  1. Download the app here
  2. Open the UpworkSetup.exe file from your Downloads folder
  3. Choose Run and follow the on-screen instructions

To install the Upwork Desktop App on Mac:

  1. Download the app here
  2. Open UpworkTeam.dmg and drag the Upwork desktop app to your applications folder
  3. If you see an “unidentified developer” error, follow the below instructions:
  4. Go to System PreferencesSecurity and PrivacyGeneral
  5. Select Allow applications downloaded from anywhere

Apple introduced a new app security option called Gatekeeper that blocks our ability to install or perform upgrades. Because our desktop app is not currently an Apple-certified app, you need to disable this setting to use it. To learn more about Gatekeeper, read this article from Apple Support.

Once you change this setting, you will no longer see the "unidentified developer" warning. However, you will still be prompted to give permission to open an unknown application when you download and open the desktop app the first time.


To install the Upwork Desktop App on Linux:

  1. Download the app Download the app here
  2. Select the file and click Install Package
  3. Go here for distribution-specific installation instructions


Chromebook is not one of our supported operating systems. Though workarounds may exist to download our app onto Chromebook (such as enabling Linux), some features of the app may not work, including features necessary for tracking time.

Having a problem with the app? Find troubleshooting tips here


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