When your freelancer or agency has completed the work on a fixed-price contract and no further milestones are required, you can end the contract. If there are funds remaining in escrow when you end a fixed-price contract you can choose to release a final payment, or request an escrow refund for the remaining amount. Once the contract has ended both parties have the opportunity to provide public feedback.

You and your freelancer or agency have the ability to end a contract on Upwork any time, but please discuss with them first before doing so everyone is aware and in agreement.

To end a fixed-price contract

  1. Go to Jobs  My Jobs to locate the contract
  2. Click the (...) options menu and select End contract
  3. Click End Contract to confirm

If there are funds in escrow when you end the contract

When you end the contract you can choose between paying the full amount remaining, paying a partial amount, or paying nothing.


If you select to pay a partial amount, or nothing, a refund request for the remaining escrow funds will be sent to your freelancer or agency. Click here to read more about what happens when you request an escrow refund.

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