It is against Upwork’s Terms of Service to use information discovered on Upwork to identify and make unsolicited contact with another Upwork user outside of Upwork. 

What is unsolicited contact?

Unsolicited contact is when an Upwork user discovers information on the platform and uses it to contact another person for their own purposes outside of Upwork’s platform.  This contact can be to solicit circumvention or for another reason.  

If you receive unsolicited contact, you should report it directly to us by filling out this form


Violating the Terms of Service and using information discovered via Upwork to make unsolicited contact with other users outside of Upwork will result in account suspension.  These users will lose the ability to use Upwork.


How can I report if someone has contacted me outside of Upwork?

You can report any unsolicited off-platform contact here.


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