Proper use of Any Hire — what's allowed and what's prohibited

Who you can hire

Any Hire is for talent you’ve found on your own, outside of Upwork. They may also have a profile on Upwork, but as long as you found them independently, you can still hire them through Any Hire.

You can also bring over BYO talent you've already worked with on Upwork, and we can help you complete that process.

If you found someone on Upwork and would prefer to manage the relationship directly through Any Hire, you will need to go through the conversion process pay the Upwork Conversion Fee. This allows you to handle payment and contracts independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exceptions for paying the conversion fee to move existing Upwork contracts to Any Hire?

There are some exceptions to the conversion fee. If you have worked together on Upwork through a BYO contract you may be able to transition to Any Hire without paying the conversion fee. Please reach out for specific details. 



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