Did someone offered you to get paid outside Upwork?

Let us know if someone is asking you to communicate outside of the platform by reporting it.

Report Circumvention

Getting to know your client or freelancer before a project starts is the first step to a great working relationship. So you'll find all the tools you need to do just that right here on Upwork.

Let's talk about talking

You have agreed to keep all your discussions on Upwork before a contract starts. That includes any conversations about things like:

  • The project's goals, deliverables, costs, and deadlines
  • The freelancer's skills and availability
  • The client's expectations
  • Negotiating the contract and payments

Staying safe

Upwork Messages and video calls exist to keep you safe. They let you chat with one another without having to give away your contact details.

It's against our Terms of Service to contact each other outside Upwork, so if anyone suggests it to you then please let us know.

The only exceptions are Enterprise clients, who get a little more leeway. They work closely with us, so the risk of scam, fraud, and circumvention is much lower. More about Enterprise clients.


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