Did someone ask to talk outside Upwork before starting a contract?

Getting paid outside Upwork violates our Terms of Service and can result in permanent loss of your account if you participate. You can keep your account safe by reporting this behavior.

Report Circumvention

Getting to know a client or freelancer before a project starts is the first step to a great working relationship. So you'll find all the tools you need to do just that right here on Upwork.

Communicate only through Upwork

Before a contract starts, keep all discussions on Upwork. This includes conversations about:

  • Project goals, deliverables, costs, and deadlines
  • Freelancer's skills and availability
  • Client's expectations
  • Negotiating the contract and payments

Sharing contact information or soliciting payment off-platform is a violation of our Terms of Service and can result in loss of talent badges and, in some circumstances, permanent loss of your account.

Use Upwork Tools

Use Upwork Messages and video calls to communicate safely without sharing personal contact information.

Report Violations

If anyone asks you to communicate or handle payments outside Upwork, report it immediately. This helps us enforce our policies and maintain a professional platform.


Enterprise clients have specific allowances due to their close working relationship with Upwork, reducing the risk of fraud. More about Enterprise clients.

Additional Resources

By following these guidelines, you help keep Upwork a secure and professional environment for all users.

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