Boosted Proposals allow freelancers to use Connects to “boost” their proposal to the top of your list. It’s set up auction-style, and people who bid the highest number of Connects will have their proposal in the top slots. It’s another way to see who’s most interested in your projects. Finding your next great hire has never been easier.

The proposal will be marked with “Boosted”.

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When you see “Boosted” next to it, you know the freelancer spent extra Connects trying to get your attention.


To help measure if the Boosted Proposals feature is helpful to users, a small number of job posts will be randomly selected as “Boosted Proposal placebo jobs.” This means that when freelancers boost their proposal, the client won’t receive any boosts on this job post and the freelancer’s Connects are not taken. Learn more about Boosted Proposal placebo auctions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mean I’ll only get proposals from those who bid extra to boost their proposal?

No, you will still receive all the proposals that freelancers submit for your project. Those who successfully boost their proposal will appear pinned to the top of the list with and will also display “Boosted” adjacent to their name.

Can I turn this feature off? I don’t want to allow Boosted Proposals.

No, all job posts allow freelancers to boost their proposals. You will still see all proposals submitted, even if the freelancer doesn’t use the boost feature.

How much are freelancers spending to boost their proposal?

Freelancers can use Connects to bid for a chance to have their proposal boosted; the amount is up to them. We advise freelancers to carefully consider the value of the job to them and make sure they are a great fit for the project.

How does archiving, declining, and withdrawing proposals work?

If you archive a Boosted Proposal, it is moved to the Archived tab. Any remaining Boosted Proposals are left as-is, listed above non-boosted proposals. A Boosted Proposal is boosted regardless of whether it’s in the main proposal tab or in the Archived tab.

Boosted Proposals that you have declined or that were withdrawn by the freelancer are moved to the Archived tab. They remain boosted unless they are outbid. If a declined/withdrawn Boosted Proposal is outbid, it loses its boosted status and the spot can then be taken by another Boosted Proposal.

If you hire somebody for the job, the auction is closed and Boosted Proposals are locked. This is true even if you intend to hire more than one freelancer. If the job is still open, freelancers will still be able to send proposals, but they can no longer boost them.

Does a Boosted Proposal mean that the freelancer is the best for my project?

It’s up to you to decide who is best for you to work with. When a freelancer boosts a proposal, it means that they’re really interested in working together. High interest is a great sign that the freelancer is dedicated to helping you get the results you’re looking for.

I saw a message that said no proposals will be boosted on this job post. Why?

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