In our globally connected world, you might find the ideal professional in a different state, region, or country than your own. However, you may have legal, tax, worker classification, and other concerns about working with talent outside your own location — Any Hire helps solve those issues.

  • Any Hire is a specialized self-service platform within Upwork that helps you hire from almost anywhere. We streamline the process of hiring and working with freelancers and employees. You can onboard talent, manage their contracts, review their work, pay them, and view reports — all from one dashboard.
  • If you use Any Hire’s optional classification services, we can remove the uncertainty from hiring by helping you make worker classification decisions based on applicable laws.
  • Any Hire is for talent you’ve found on your own, outside of Upwork. They may have a profile on Upwork, but as long as you found them independently, you can still hire them through Any Hire.

Important Note:

If you want to hire talent you’ve found on Upwork, you’ll need to go through the conversion process. If you have BYO or Upwork Payroll contracts, you may be able to transition them to Any Hire if you decide this is the better solution for you. Learn more about proper use of Any Hire.

How it works - the basics


We can help you determine your professional’s worker classification as an independent contractor or employee under applicable law. These laws vary by location and can change regularly.

If you choose to use Any Hire’s classification services, we include up to $50,000 in indemnification against misclassification liability to the extent caused by our classification recommendation (if you accept our recommendation). Learn more about classification.

Hiring someone as an employee

If you need to engage a freelancer as an employee, we’ll arrange an Employer of Record (EOR) for the contract. The EOR will take care of things like paychecks, taxes, benefits, and other legal concerns of employment.

Choice of contract types

You can choose from several types of contracts on Any Hire, which gives you flexibility for how you work and pay.

You can create a one-time single payment contract for a fixed-scope project, divide a project into milestones and pay as each part gets completed, set up an hourly contract where talent logs and gets paid for work hours, or offer a fixed rate contract with set weekly payments.

Managing work

You can manage contracts across multiple locations from one dashboard and set up reports with Any Hire’s self-service features. It also serves as your hub for organizing key information.

Ready to get started? Learn how to sign up and use Any Hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Any Hire?

In today’s world, being able to hire talent from other countries or regions can help your business be competitive and successful. Upwork Any Hire helps make it easier to do.

Any Hire helps you hire, onboard, and pay professionals from other countries, regions, or states where you don’t have a business entity. If you use our classification services, Any Hire also helps you classify professionals and meet each country’s legal requirements — such as whether you can work with your talent as an independent contractor or a payrolled employee. In the case of a payrolled employee, Any Hire arranges an Employer of Record (EOR) in the talent’s country to handle paychecks, taxes, benefits and other legal concerns

Any Hire is for talent you’ve found on your own, outside of Upwork. The talent may also have a profile on Upwork, but as long as you found them independently, you can still hire them through Any Hire.

What is an Employer of Record or EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that employs talent and takes responsibility for paying employees internationally, organizing taxes, and handling benefits and insurance — on your behalf.

Can I hire talent that I found on Upwork with Any Hire?

If you have found someone on Upwork but would prefer to manage the relationship directly through Any Hire, you will need to go through the conversion process and pay the conversion fee. Using our marketplace to find talent and then pay them somewhere else, even on Upwork’s Any Hire platform, is a violation of Upwork’s Terms of Service if you do not complete the conversion process. Learn more here.


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