Being honest is critical to building successful work relationships on Upwork. That's why we ask you to only share accurate and truthful information about yourself.

Information about your identity

Some people are called one name by their family and friends, which differs from the name on their legal documents. On Upwork, think of your account name as your nickname - the name that potential clients or freelancers may use with you - and your verified name as the name on your legal documents.

  • Account and profile name: The name on your account should be what you use to identify yourself in everyday life. It doesn’t have to match your identity document; you can use the name you’re most comfortable with. If you’re a freelancer, this is the name that will appear on your public profile. This is the name people will use when working with you on Upwork. 
  • Verified name: Upwork will use the name on the identity documents you give us as your verified name and it must match the name on your taxpayer info, withdrawal method, tax information, and tax forms. Your verified name will be shown on contracts and invoices only. Your verified name typically can’t be changed, however, if the name on your legal documents isn’t accurate (for example, if you changed your name due to a marriage or you don’t identify with the name and gender on your identity documents) you can contact us for help. 

Learn more about how to change your profile name.

Information about your work history and relationships

When building your profile, it's important to be honest about your skills and work history.

You shouldn't exaggerate your skills, misrepresent your work history, or suggest a relationship with another company, person, organization, or any other entity if that relationship doesn't actually exist.

Falsifying credentials quickly erodes trust. If you aren't honest and can't complete a job you've accepted as a result, it may result in negative feedback or a dispute.

Learn more about adding your employment history and skills to your profile here.

Information about your contracts on Upwork

If you've accepted an hourly contract, the invoices you submit should accurately reflect the work you've done.

You can't subcontract any of the work you've agreed to complete on hourly contracts because the hours will be invoiced under your name alone. If you'd like to work with subcontractors, consider starting an agency.

You can subcontract on fixed-price contracts unless the client prohibits it. If you're subcontracting some tasks on a fixed-price contract to another freelancer, we strongly encourage you to share this information with your client to maintain trust and transparency.

Sharing your Upwork account

Sharing, selling, trading, or transferring your Upwork account to another person is not permitted.

You cannot log into someone else's account or let anyone log into your account and work or communicate on your behalf. Doing so not only violates our Terms of Service, but allowing someone to use your account or identity can support criminal activity. As part of our efforts to keep the site secure, we report instances of possible crimes to law enforcement for investigation.

The bottom line

When it comes to our marketplace, honesty is a key component to success. If we find that the information you provided isn't accurate, we may ask you to re-verify your account information. We may also restrict or permanently suspend your account if we cannot verify the information you provide.

Learn more about how the Trust & Safety team protects the marketplace.

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