Accepting Contracts on Any Hire — Avoiding Circumvention

If you have a business relationship with a client outside of Upwork and they want to use our platform to hire and pay you, they may invite you to work on an Any Hire contract. Any Hire is a part of Upwork that is just for clients and freelancers who met outside of Upwork.

You can still work on Any Hire if you have a freelancer account as long as your relationship with the client started off Upwork. Learn more about Any Hire.

However, if a client finds you on Upwork and then asks you to work on Any Hire, you should not accept — unless the client is willing to go through the conversion process and pay the conversion fee.

Using Upwork to find freelancers and then ask them to work and get paid somewhere else, even Any Hire, without paying the conversion fee is circumvention and a violation of Upwork’s Terms of Service.

There are exceptions to this process:

  • You and the client originally found each other outside of Upwork and started working on Upwork through BYO (Bring Your Own)
  • You work with the client through Upwork Payroll

We can help you transition from BYO or Upwork Payroll to Any Hire if you and your client wish to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any exceptions for paying the conversion fee to move existing Upwork contracts to Any Hire?

There are some exceptions to the conversion fee. If you have worked together on Upwork through a BYO (Bring Your Own) contract, or through Upwork Payroll, you can transition to Any Hire without paying the conversion fee.


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