Honesty is essential to building successful work relationships on Upwork. That’s why we ask you to only share accurate and truthful information about yourself.

Information about you and your company

Be honest about who you are and the company you represent. The name on your account should be what you use to identify yourself in everyday life. If you use a profile picture, you can use either an authentic photo of you or your company’s logo. The address you provide should be your business address.

Stick to one account

When you join Upwork we ask that you only create one main account. But you can have both a profile as a client (to hire freelancers) and as a freelancer/agency (to offer your services) within that one main account. If you operate multiple businesses and need to hire separately for those, you can also create multiple client profiles .


If there is a special reason that you need to create a separate account for another business, please reach out so we can help. Creating multiple accounts without our help can lead to account suspension.

Don’t share your Upwork account

Sharing, selling, trading, or transferring your Upwork account to another person is not permitted. If you work as part of a larger company, each person from your company needs to have their own account to log in and work on Upwork, and you need to keep your account information confidential.

You cannot log into someone else’s account or let anyone log into your account and work or communicate on your behalf. Doing so not only violates our Terms of Service, but allowing someone to use your account or identity can support criminal activity. As part of our efforts to keep the site secure, we report instances of possible crimes to law enforcement for investigation.

The bottom line

When it comes to our marketplace, honesty is a key component to success. If we find that the information you provided isn’t accurate, we may ask you to re-verify your account information. We may also restrict or permanently suspend your account if we cannot verify the information you provide.

Learn more about how the Trust & Safety team protects the marketplace.

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