Upwork Payment Protection helps give security and peace of mind to clients and freelancers working together on both hourly and fixed-price projects.

Upwork Hourly Protection

It's pretty straightforward—clients should only pay for hours worked, and freelancers should be paid for their time spent working. This program uses the following tools to help ensure that, on hourly projects, an hour worked is an hour paid, and an hour paid is an hour worked.

  • Work Diary: For every hourly contract, clients can confirm work was completed by checking their freelancer's Work Diary to see work-in-progress snapshots and pay only for work related to their project.
  • Desktop App: Freelancers logging hourly time using the Upwork Desktop App are assured payment for hours clearly worked on the project.

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Please note that Upwork Hourly Protection doesn’t apply to bonuses, manual time, or fixed-price projects. See the Upwork Terms of Service and Hourly Escrow Instructions for full terms and conditions.

Upwork Fixed-Price Protection

For fixed-price projects—when a client pays a freelancer for deliverables rather than by the hour—this program helps ensure that clients get the work they’ve asked for and freelancers get paid for work completed. With Upwork Fixed-Price Protection, clients making fixed-price offers deposit a milestone payment into escrow before work begins. Upon receiving and approving the work, payment is released to the freelancer.

Get more details about how Fixed-Price Protection works for freelancers.

See the Upwork Terms of Service and Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions for full terms and conditions.

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