Report Suspicious User Activity

Flag Job

See a job or invitation that looks suspicious or inappropriate? Please flag it for our review. To flag a job as inappropriate:

  1. Click the Flag as inappropriate link located at the upper right of every job and public profile on Upwork.
  2. Select a reason you think the posting is inappropriate.
  3. Click Submit.

This sends a notification directly to Upwork, allowing us to investigate and take the appropriate measures. Please note, we cannot respond to all notifications, but do review each one carefully. We will not share your identity with the user you flagged.

Flag Profile

Please flag any profile you see that contains violations of our identity policy, such as fake names, logos as portraits, and duplicate accounts.

To flag a freelancer:

  1. Click the Flag as inappropriate link at the top of the freelancer's profile or job application.
  2. Select a reason you think the profile is suspicious.
  3. Click Submit.

When you flag a profile:

  • A support representative will review the profile and take action as appropriate.
  • We will not share your identity with the user you flagged.

Report Client

If you ever come across inappropriate or suspicious client behavior, please save evidence of your experience and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

It is time to contact Customer Support when a client:

  • Asks you to pay money to get a job, including things like reimbursable site registration fees and assurance deposits.
  • Requests you contact them directly via email, chat, or other means before they invite you to interview or hire you on a contract.
  • Inquires about your contact information, such as your email address, chat IDs, or phone number before the interview stage.
  • Offers to pay you directly via PayPal, Western Union, or another method outside of the Upwork finance system.
  • Tells you to start working before they hire you to an official Upwork job contract.
  • Tries to blackmail you for good feedback.

While the suspicious activities listed above are clear-cut cases of times when you should contact us, other situations may require you to make a judgment call. Be cautious of clients who ask you to:

  • Take a test that looks like work for free
  • Create custom samples of your work for free

In these situations, ask yourself, "If the client asked every candidate to submit this kind of test, would there be any point in hiring someone?" If the answer is no, please report the client by flagging the post as inappropriate or contacting Customer Support by clicking here.

If the test seems appropriate but is going to take a significant amount of time, ask the client to hire you for a small trial contract, known as a test drive, instead.

Report Freelancer

If you believe your freelancer has violated Upwork's Terms of Service, please contact Customer Support by clicking here to report the inappropriate behavior. In general, when you contact Customer Support please be prepared to provide a clear account of the situation and any proof you have, such as chat transcripts and email messages.

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This might be due to no account activity (earnings, payments, contracts, etc.) or because we had to suspend it. When we suspend an account we send an email explaining the reason and whether or not you can take steps to reverse the suspension. Please review that email for more details.

For general questions, you can visit our Community or review our Terms of Service.

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