When you have a project to complete and need skilled talent to help, you can post the job in our marketplace. We show your project to independent talent and agencies who can send you proposals. Then you choose who to interview.

Once you post, you will also have the option to search through freelancer and agency profiles and invite professionals who offer the specific skills and availability you need. If you only want to interview or consider talent you invite, you can make your post private so only those you invite can see it.

Whether you are posting for a one-time project or need to build a team of professionals for ongoing collaboration, posting the specific details of your projects can help you attract attention from the right talent to your business.

To post your job, go to Jobs > Post a Job. We will ask you a series of questions to make sure you include all the important details that independent talent and agencies need.

Key items to consider

      1. The scope of work. Include as many details as possible for potential candidates to consider. Think in terms of a project, outline exactly what needs to be done, and include the specific required outcomes.
      2. Skills needed. Will the freelancer or agency need to be skilled in any special technology or system? Do they need a certain level of skill?
      3. The job type. Will this job be paid as hourly or fixed-price? Do you need time-based services, such as a customer service agent answering phones during business hours, where an hourly contract may make the most sense? Or do you need a deliverable-based service, such as creating a logo or building your company website, where a fixed-price with milestones contract may be most helpful?
      4. The project’s deadline. When does the work need to be done? Is this a one-time project or an ongoing relationship?
      5. Your budget. How much is this job worth to you? Do you prefer to pay per hour or a set amount for the whole job or for each deliverable? Check out other project postings on Upwork to see how others budget for similar projects.
      6. How to pay. You must add and verify a billing method before you can hire.

The more clearly you communicate your expectations to freelancers and define the areas where you need their expertise, the more likely you are to develop a successful working relationship.

PRO TIP: Did you know that you can also find talent by choosing a project that a freelancer or agency created? Learn more about Project Catalog here.


How do I know how much I should be paying?

Check out 5 Tips to Determine How Much You Should Pay. In general, if you require more experience or need a specialized skill set from talent, you should expect to pay more for your project. If you pay by the hour, the job post form will show you estimated rate ranges for different experience levels (based on projects in your category) that you may want to consider, and doesn’t require you to have a set budget in mind. Paying a fixed price for your project or each deliverable allows you to suggest a price for the specified work, but the budget range is completely up to you since the cost is based on the scope of your project.

What's the difference between paying hourly vs. fixed-price?

Check out Fixed Price vs. Hourly: Which Pricing Structure is Right for Your Freelance Project?

  • Hourly: Billed weekly, automatically, based on the verifiable hours your independent talent or agency works. You can set a limit on the number of hours per week. You can also add a flat weekly payment that you will pay out on top of the hours worked and paid.

Fixed-price: Pay the talent or agency as you receive the work. You control the frequency and size of payments. Initial deposit collected at the time of hiring.

Can I post a job for a particular country?


Yes, if you’re a U.S. client looking for exclusively U.S.-based freelancers. Choose “Only freelancers in the U.S. can apply” on the job post form.


Alternatively, you can use the location drop-down to specify a region or write more specific location needs in your project description (like a country, state, or city). These alternatives help talent and agencies know if they’re right for you, but your job will still technically be accessible to independent talent and agencies everywhere.


You can add or remove any location preferences or U.S.-only restrictions even after the job post is live if you change your mind.

I don’t think my job post is working. How do I get more (or better) proposals?

The issue might be something you said — or didn’t say. These tips can help you improve your job post to make it easier for independent talent and agencies to find — and harder for them to overlook.

I just tried to post a job and can’t. Why?
  • If you’re getting an error message when you try to post, please try using a different browser or clearing your browser cache/cookies.
  • If that doesn’t work, please contact Upwork Support and we will be happy to help you.
I just posted my job and I can’t see it listed in the marketplace. Why?

It can take up to an hour for your job post to appear. 

I need more help. Do you offer any services to help me post a job or find talent?
Yes! If you would like more hands-on assistance, we offer Upwork Plus membership, which includes premium talent sourcing services. For companies who are using Upwork to supplement their workforce, we created the Enterprise solution. Enterprise clients can chat with an Enterprise Talent Specialist anytime or enroll in additional program management offerings for more hands-on assistance.e.

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