Positive reviews and recommendations from previous clients are the best tools for winning new contracts. To help you with this, we designed a process for you and your clients to give each other feedback at the end of each contract.

We display your feedback history on your profile and on all of your contracts on Upwork. Clients can see these reviews when they look at your profile.

This helps build your reputation, confirms your experience, and helps clients understand your work. You can also share feedback to your LinkedIn profile or social media accounts to market your services and build your personal brand.

Seeing feedback from clients also helps you learn where your strengths are and what you might need to improve on future projects. Taking the time to review and consider feedback can help you grow your skills, expand your business, and refine your niche.

Find your feedback

As long as the client has paid you at least $1.00 USD and it's ready to be withdrawn*, any feedback they leave will be displayed on your public profile. Here’s how you can see all the feedback you’ve received: 

  1. Go to My JobsAll Contracts
  2. Under Filters, select All or Ended to see closed contracts
  3. Select the title of the contract to get to the contract workroom page
  4. Select the Details tab to view the feedback

We designed the feedback system to be double-blind. This means that your client cannot see the feedback that you left until after they leave feedback for you, or until the 14-day feedback period expires.

At that point, the feedback that you and the client have left for each other will become visible within 24 hours.

*Not sure when your payments are ready to be withdrawn? See this Help article.


To protect any potentially sensitive information, we do not display contracts with Enterprise clients or their feedback on your public work history. We still take these contracts into consideration when calculating your Job Success Score (JSS).

Share your feedback

You can share your client’s feedback in two ways:

  • Share the feedback to LinkedIn immediately after you've ended a successful contract. You'll see a pop-up window reminding you of this option
  • Choose the Share feedback button under Work history and feedback on your profile to share on LinkedIn, X, or Facebook

Remember, you must set your profile to public in order to share feedback.


When sharing your feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook, or X, you may not see your star rating. This is because we only show it in shared feedback if you’ve received the full, five-star rating from your client.

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