Most sections of an active job post can be edited. However, you cannot change your job from Hourly to Fixed-Priced (or vice-versa). To update the payment type, you'll have to close and repost your job.

If you already invited or interviewed a freelancer for the job, let them know you’re making changes. This can help prevent misunderstandings and save you time by ensuring that the freelancer is interested in your revised job.

Once you make an offer, you cannot change the job terms unless you let the freelancer know you made changes, to be sure they are aware of which terms they are accepting. Once the freelancer accepts your offer, you cannot lower their rate or change any other terms of the job without their agreement.

Important note:

Important note: Changing the terms of a job after you have started a contract with a freelancer without the freelancer’s agreement to do so is a violation of Terms of Service.

If you must work with different terms and the freelancer does not agree to changing them, you may need to close the contract and start a new one. We encourage you to discuss this with your freelancer - it’s always best if everyone is aware and knows what’s going on.

Edit your job

  1. Select the Jobs tab.
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs and click Edit Posting in the (...) options menu.

Cancel or close your job

  1. Select the Jobs tab and locate the job you want to close in your Open Jobs.
  2. Select Remove Posting in the (...) options menu and follow the instructions. You can always come back and repost the job and hire a freelancer or agency who submitted a proposal.

Change a job's visibility

  1. Select the Jobs tab.
  2. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs and click Make Public or Make Private in the (...) options menu.
    • Public jobs appear in freelancers' job searches. Choose this so that they can find your job on their own. You may also opt to allow your job to be visible on search engines.
    • Private, invitation-only jobs don't appear in searches, so you'll need to take the time to find and invite the freelancers and agencies you need.

If you change visibility from Public to Private you may still get a few proposals. This is because a freelancer may have saved your job's URL, the URL may have already loaded in their RSS feed reader, or the job post is still appearing in search engines outside of Upwork (it usually takes about a day for them to remove your job after a visibility change).

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