To improve client and freelancer communication, we’ve added the Availability Badge — a paid feature that allows freelancers to highlight in search results when they are ready for new work. The badge is also featured on freelancer profiles, and is a great way to identify talent who are ready to take on new work.

Being able to quickly see which freelancers have indicated in real-time that they are ready to take on more work helps you save time and get your projects going faster

Where do I see the Availability Badge?

You can see the blue badge in search results, recommendations, and on freelancer profiles.

How do freelancers get the badge?

Freelancers use Connects to add the badge to their profile. The price fluctuates depending on the demand for the badge and freelancers can switch the badge off and on as their availability changes.


What is the Availability Badge?
This badge is a new way for talent to communicate when they have availability to take on new projects. They will be able to use their Connects to add an “Available now” badge to their profile. You’ll see these badges in search results so you can easily identify those who are advertising their availability.
What is the difference between this feature and a freelancer’s availability?
This is just another way to highlight a freelancer’s availability, if they choose to do so.
Can I filter freelancers by this badge?

You can filter by the Availability Badge within your open job post, in the proposal manager. When searching for freelancers to invite, you’ll be able to filter by who is available now and has the badge turned on. 

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