We know that quickly finding the right talent for your project is essential. That’s why we provide you with several ways to find talent and to filter your search results based on hourly rates, skills, feedback, and more. You can also easily find talent you’ve worked with before and save talent profiles to review later.

Search for talent from any page

You can begin a search for talent using the search bar at the top of any page. Search keywords or job titles of the professionals you’re looking for.

Pro tip:

If you’re feeling stuck, try searching the title of your job post.

Once you’ve done that initial search, you can use the search bar above your results for additional searches. You can also choose Advanced Search right below that search bar to use advanced keyword search and refine your results.


You can also add additional filters from the choices beside the listings. Selecting filters helps you narrow down your search. You can apply various filters simultaneously, including:

  • Talent quality: You can filter for talent who have earned one of our talent badges through success on the platform and proven skills
  • Hourly rate: You can search for freelancers who have an asking rate that aligns with your budget
  • Location: Choosing a similar location can be important if you're looking for similar hours or regional knowledge

You can also search for freelancers or agencies, talent who are open to contract-to-hire, specific skills, languages, and more.

Talent tab

You can use the Talent tab to discover suggestions based on your job post, search by category, find talent you or your company have worked with before or that you’ve viewed recently or saved. If you’re looking to hire someone you or your company has worked with before, this is the best place to find them.

  1. Go to Talent and view the dropdown selections. Choose the one you want or choose Discover to begin a general search and get suggestions
  2. From Discover, you can browse suggested freelancers based on your recent job posts or scroll down and search by category
  3. You can also choose to view Your Hires, Company Hires, BYO Talent (which shows talent your company has brought to Upwork), and talent you’ve Recently viewed or Saved Talent

Saving talent

You can add a freelancer or agency’s profile to your Saved Talent by selecting the heart icon on their profile.


You can search for Expert-Vetted freelancers right from your Enterprise Dashboard. Expert-Vetted talent represent the top 1% of freelancers on Upwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does search work? What are the best practices?

The Upwork search algorithm uses both platform-generated data, such as number of completed projects and client feedback, and freelancer-generated information, such as descriptions of their offered services.

Search for talent by one of the following ways:

  1. Input your target keywords into the Talent Search box
  2. Use the Advanced Search to refine your keywords. Learn more about Advanced Search
  3. Browse talent on the Discover page
  4. Find Expert-Vetted talent by category right from your Enterprise Dashboard. Learn more about Expert-Vetted talent

Once you start typing in the Talent Search box, you can select one of the auto-suggestions in the dropdown to help you find what you need faster.

If you type in your published job post title in the search box, you can select it from the auto-suggestion dropdown to conduct a search using the specifications you included in your job post.

How does Boolean Search work? Is it the same as the “Advanced Search”?

Boolean search works by applying complex logic to keywords and keyword strings. Our Advanced Search function automatically applies Boolean operators to your searches.

How do I find talent in a specific location?

You can enter a country in the location filter to find freelancers in that country. We currently support more detailed location-specific search for talent for the U.S. only. Turn on the “U.S. only” toggle, then select the specific time zone or state in the dropdown selections in the location filter.

What’s the difference between the results in talent search and Discover?

Search results from the Talent Search are specific to your search query, which may not include your specific job post, while results on the Discover page are recommendations based on the specifications of your job post.

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