Getting started on Upwork is simple, and the easiest way to get the job done is to break the process into three phases:

  1. Before you hire 
  2. Hiring 
  3. Doing the work

Before you hire:

  • Fill out your company name, tagline, description, and website URL (no email addresses, phone numbers, or chat IDs, please), then upload your company logo. 
  • Add and verify your payment method. (Important! You can't hire without this.)
  • Post a job and choose between hourly or fixed-price. (Keep in mind that the Upwork Hourly Protection only covers hourly contracts.)


  • Evaluate your proposals and shortlist those you like. 
  • You can also search for qualified freelancers and invite them to submit proposals.
  • Message your best options. You may want to consider performing a round of email interviews to help you narrow down your proposals even further. After your email interview, you can perform a phone, chat, or video interview. 
  • Consider hiring a few top candidates for a test drive (a small, paid, trial contract) to help make the final decision.

Doing the work:

  • Have a kick off meeting to establish ground rules on communication, expectations, availability, submitting deliverables, reviewing progress, and anything else you can think of. Introduce your new freelancer to the rest of your online work team and make sure they have contact information for everyone they'll work with.
  • Communicate with your freelancer regularly. 
  • Review work in progress regularly using the Work Diary, project deliverables, and progress reports. 
  • Manage your project using Reports
  • Ensure that billing and payments occur on time according to your contract. Upwork automatically invoices for hourly jobs, but you must manage payments on fixed-price jobs yourself.


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