Messages is a chat-based communication and collaboration platform. You can chat with your clients, freelancers, and team members in real time or have the conversation waiting for them when they come online.

View Your Conversations

You can view your conversations in two formats. There's a recency/unread view and also a categorized view for you to see your favorites, interviews, rooms, and people.

All your messages will be saved in the "room" that you have a conversation in. A "room" contains all the conversations you've had with a particular person (or group of people).

Customize Notifications

Email notifications of messages are sent to the email account you have registered with Upwork by default. You can reply to Upwork Messages directly from these email notifications.

If you start to receive too many email notifications, or if you don't wish to receive any at all, click on the Settings gear icon (top right corner) and click on Notifications to update your preferences.

Attach Files

You can attach files under 95 MB or link to your Dropbox account from within your Upwork Messages. Just click the paperclip icon in the message box to add.

You can take and attach a screenshot from within the Upwork desktop app.

Take Notes

Take notes directly in a personal notepad while chatting. Access your notes any time by clicking on this icon. Your notes are only visible to you, and are specific to the chatroom.

Where do I get the mobile & desktop apps?
How do I create a room?

To create a new room, click the plus sign on the left navigation bar to start a room for any topic and add users as needed (as long as they exist in your address book).

How do I make hitting "enter" create a new line instead of sending the message?

Click on the gear icon in your compose box to change the default behavior of "enter" from sending the message to creating a line break (or back again). Line breaks can also be added by pressing Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter or Shift+Enter.

How do I block another user?

There are multiple ways to block a user but the easiest way is to access a room with that user, click on their profile icon, then select Block. Please note that you cannot block a user with whom you have an active contract.

How do I mark a message unread?

To mark a message as unread, click the gear icon to the right of a sent message and select "Mark as Unread."

How do I set an Out of Office message?

Click the gear icon on the top left of your Upwork Messages screen and select "Out-of-Office Responder" in the drop-down menu. Once on the "Out-of-Office Responder" page, toggle the responder on, and set your away message and the start/end dates.

How do I limit my notifications?

If you start to receive too many notifications, click on the Settings gear icon (top right corner) and click on Notifications to update your preferences. You can adjust the frequency of notifications, the topics and events you wish to track, and the account where your updates will be displayed.

You can also choose to turn off notifications altogether.

Messaging shortcuts

  • Enter: Sends message
  • Alt+Enter/Ctrl+Enter/Shift+Enter: Creates new line within message entry box
  • Up-Arrow: Edit last comment
  • Esc: Closes @mention box if open; closes emoticon panel if open; cancels edit if editing message context
  • Alt+up/down: For next/prev rooms
  • Alt+shift+up/down: For going between rooms and unread rooms
  • Ctrl+shift+f: Go to search
  • Ctrl+shift+v: Paste a quote as text only
  • /giphy [text]: To add an animated GIF in conversation, type /giphy on a new line followed by a keyword or phrase. You’ll see a GIF chooser pop up, and you can click “Shuffle” until you’re happy with the GIF displayed. Pressing “Send” will then display the GIF you’ve chosen in your Upwork Messages room.

Message or Personal Notepad formatting shortcuts

  • Wrap text in two "**"s or "__"s for bold: **bold** or __bold__
  • Wrap text in a single "*" or "_"s for italic: *italic* or _italic_
  • Wrap text in two "~~"s for strikethrough: ~~strikethrough~~
  • Wrap text in "`"s for single-line codeblocks: `code-block`
    • Note that no formatting happens within code blocks. This includes URL linking.
  • Wrap text in "```" for multi-line code blocks (first line must contain just the quotes):
    multi-line code block
  • Start lines with ">" for blockquotes.
  • Emoji use the standard ":emoji_name:" format (colon wrapped)
  • Unicode emoji are supported (e.g. from a smartphone's emoji keyboard)
  • You can find additional emoji here

Personal Notepad formatting shortcuts

  • Bullet List: Start lines with "-" or "*"
  • Nested list item: Start lines with spaces
  • Numbered List: Start lines with number followed by "." (ex. 1.)
  • Headings: Start line with #, ##, ###, ####, #####, ######
  • Links: Use the format [text](url) or <url>

Advanced Search Queries

For queries of just one word, double quotes are not needed. For queries consisting of two or more words, please add quotation marks or the second word won't be included in the search.

  • from:
    • from:bob
    • from:"Bob Jones"
    • Get messages sent by a certain user
  • in:
    • in:room A
    • in:"Room for Project A"
    • Search for messages in a specific room
  • before:
    • before:20150501
    • Finds messages before/on the specific time in yyyyMMdd format
  • after:
    • after:20150601
    • Finds messages after/on the specific time in yyyyMMdd format

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