Your earnings are a reflection of the hard work and time you’ve put into your projects. Direct to U.S. Bank lets you set up convenient direct deposits for your payments from clients.


Funds will arrive in your bank account within two to five business days from ACH deposits (Automatic Clearing House). Processing and clearing times vary widely from bank to bank. Bank holidays can also delay your funds.

Fees and Accessibility

Direct deposit is free for all who qualify. Direct to U.S. Bank/ACH direct deposits are available to any freelancer with a U.S. bank account that is eligible to receive ACH transfers. (You will need to check with your bank if you're not sure.)

For information on adding direct deposit ACH as a payment method, go here.


You must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer on the bank account you want to use for deposits. The name on your bank account must match your verified name on Upwork. If your name doesn't match, go here to learn how you can fix it.

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