We take safety and security on our platform very seriously. If you believe your Upwork account has been compromised by any of the following, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • You’re a victim of a phishing attack, hacked, or otherwise
  • Someone hacked your Upwork account
  • Someone stole your Upwork account
  • There was a phishing attack on your Upwork account
  • Unusual activity not done by you on your account

What you should do

Someone using my Upwork account, I've been hacked, My account got stolen, My account was hacked, someone tried to access my account

  • Let us know! Reach out to us as soon as possible (you can use the green "Get Support" button below, in left-hand corner) 
  • Be sure to include your name, user ID, and an explanation of what you think has happened when you contact us
  • Immediately change your password and security question. If you’re unable to log into Upwork in order to make these edits, it’s most likely because we put a hold on your account. This is a temporary measure we take to help protect you from further fraudulent activity

For an overview of online safety and security best practices, please visit our Security Center or check out our complete online security series below.

    1. General Electronic Security
    2. Staying Safe on Upwork
    3. Detect Malware
    4. Get Rid of Malware
    5. Reset your password and/or security answer
    6. You are here — Secure a Compromised Account

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