As an Upwork Enterprise client, you have access to dedicated talent specialists and program managers who can help you use Upwork to find and connect with premium freelancers and agencies. Premium talent are those who have proven their expertise in key skills by passing behavioral interviews and demonstrating prior success with clients through work history details, both on and off Upwork.

Talent specialists can assist with

  • Pre-filling Talent Clouds with any number of freelancers and agencies
  • Reviewing job posts before publication
  • Collecting your project requirements and presenting you with a shortlist of premium talent

For full-service support, we have experienced program managers who can help you use Upwork to design and execute large programs requiring several freelancers.

Program managers can assist with

  • Project scoping
  • Handling platform logistics
  • Large-scale program implementation

If you’re interested in working with a talent specialist or would like to learn more about our program management offering, reach out to your account team on Upwork.

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