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The Upwork team reviews every submission to Project Catalog for professionalism and completeness before sending it to the marketplace. How can you boost your chances of having your project accepted and catching a future client’s eye?

You’re in the right place! Here are our pro tips for building your best project.

Common mistakes 

The Upwork team is committed to creating the best possible user experience. To do this, we apply set guidelines to every submitted project.

If you can avoid these common mistakes, you're already on your way to creating a great project for the marketplace!

  • Adding a poor quality image. Your project will display to clients with an image, even if you aren't a graphic designer or an artist. It's important to represent your work clearly, without using images that are low quality or clickbait.
  • Sharing your contact information. It is a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service to share your personal contact information with clients before starting a contract, and that includes projects for Project Catalog. 
  • Skipping proofreading. Bad grammar and typos are among the top reasons that projects don't make it to publication. Be sure to look over your work carefully, or reach out to someone you trust to help.
  • Including logos. If you're sharing a logo, make sure it belongs to you or represents your work. Logos from a platform, like Upwork, don't help clients get to know you!

Picture-perfect images

Finding just the right image to represent your project can seem tough! Remember that the first image in your gallery displays on your project tile when a client is browsing. It can play a big role in their first impression of your work.

Check out these best practices for creating a project with picture-perfect images.

  • For certain types of work,  you may feel the need to include images with text. However, because this affects the user experience, it should be kept to a minimum and the images should be clear.
  • If your images include text or watermarks containing direct contact details, these should be removed. But not to worry, your clients will be able to communicate with you through the Upwork Messages once the project is active.
  • If your images include icons, text, or watermarks referencing other companies or services, these should be removed. Images should clearly reflect the services being offered through Upwork.
  • When selecting images to include, choose professional images that speak to the work being offered. This does not need to reflect portfolio images or actual work samples.

Note: One of the biggest reasons we can't approve a project is because of issues with the project's images. Please take a minute to carefully review the information here so we can approve your project asap.

Tips and tricks

Is your project attractive to clients? 

  • DO choose professional images that speak to your work -- and be sure you have the right to publish them!
  • DO make the project easy to browse.
  • DO proofread your work. No typos, please!
  • DO carefully select your category. Your project won’t be accepted in the wrong category!
  • DO NOT use click bait, text-heavy graphics, or the Upwork logo/badge.
  • DO NOT share your contact information or personal information. 

We cannot advise on the price, scope, or substance of your project. That’s up to you!


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