Looking for ways to focus on work you’re passionate about, add revenue, build your portfolio, or attract quality clients? Explore new ways to connect and grow on Project Catalog.

What is Project Catalog?

Project Catalog is where you let clients come to you. When you create a project, it displays as a listing that clients can open to learn more. Clients find you by searching for the skills and services you offer.

You’ll personalize your project with a title, text, images, a video, and PDF work samples that describe what you offer. You can let client’s customize the project with extra service tiers and add-ons, too, if you like.


Prospective clients can easily browse projects, discover the details, message you with questions, and start working with you—all directly from your project. Meanwhile, you’ll be in complete control, managing the visibility and workflow of your projects to leverage the work you’re passionate about.

You’ll also have the convenience and security of Upwork’s billing and payment system and payment protection. Freelancer service fees on projects and consultations are the same as other contracts on Upwork — 10% of the contract value.


If you’re an expert in your field, Project Catalog lets you take your work a step further through consultations. Rising Talent, Top Rated, Top Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted freelancers can set up consultations to guide clients, develop more powerful relationships, and build your reputation as a trusted advisor.

Consultations can be one-time offerings to help a client or an exploration of how you might work together on a larger project. Setting consultations up on Upwork lets you set your rate and availability, schedule and host online meetings, and communicate and work with clients—all in one place.

Attracting clients

We review all project listings, including consultations, before publishing them on Project Catalog to help ensure a quality platform that helps you attract quality clients, and we promote Project Catalog on client pages.

Once your project listing is published, the project will display on your Upwork profile. You can also share the project’s URL in your profile’s description and on your social media accounts for even more visibility.

Get Started

Learn more about Project Catalog and get started today!

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  3. Adding Picture-Perfect Images and Video
  4. Add Video to Your Project
  5. Add PDF Work Samples to Your Project
  6. Setting Requirements
  7. Setting Your Project's Visibility in Project Catalog
  8. How We Review Your Project Catalog Project
  9. Project Catalog Contract Workroom
  10. Offering Consultations in Project Catalog
  11. Klaviyo and Upwork Partnership Program in Project Catalog

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