Better communication leads to better work. You can make a video or voice call on Upwork anytime by using Zoom. You'll start the call right from Upwork Messages and you don't need to have a Zoom account.

To do so:

1. Choose the phone button and select Zoom Meeting.

In the Upwork Message Center, you’ll find the green phone symbol in the top right corner of your message room.

2. Agree to Zoom's Terms of Service.

You will not need a new or existing Zoom account to use this feature -- your meeting will initiate right from Upwork Messages.

Your call will open in your web browser, via Zoom, or in the Zoom app. Please note that your experience may vary depending upon your chosen software and settings.

3. Select Join Zoom meeting to enter meeting room. A link will be posted in the message room to invite everyone in the room to join your call.
Join your Upwork call


You are welcome to share the link to other members of your team outside of Upwork, so that they can join the meeting with you. Right click and copy the link in the Upwork Message Room to share, or invite participants directly from Zoom.

4. Record your call (optional)

You can create a recorded Zoom meeting by selecting the Recorded Zoom Meeting option on the messages screen. Please note: you can’t disable the recording feature during an ongoing meeting, but you can create a regular (non-recorded) Zoom meeting on the messages screen.

You’ll be able to access the recorded meeting for 7 days, after which it will be deleted from storage. Learn more about recording Zoom meetings in Upwork Messages here.

5. Connect and collaborate!


Zoom’s integration with Upwork is specific to video communication service. It will not feature chat or call recording. You can always use the chat feature in the Upwork Message Center to enhance your video experience!

Please note that individual data rates may apply to voice and video call services.

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