We know how it feels to work with someone you really trust. If the talent you want to work with isn’t on Upwork, you can still work with them and get the benefits of the Upwork platform through the Enterprise Bring Your Own (BYO) program.

When you use the BYO program, you and your freelancer (or agency) both benefit. You get to work with the talent you want and your freelancer will:

  • Get paid quickly — Payments become available for withdrawal within days of completing work and are invoiced automatically on hourly contracts
  • Get paid simply — Payment requests and invoices are automated, and they’ll get reduced service fees
  • Work protected — Work under BYO contracts is covered by Upwork Payment Protection and we invoice and process payments on your freelancer’s behalf

How to invite a freelancer to BYO

To invite your own freelancer to work with your team:

  1. Go to Talent > Bring Your Own Talent
  2. Select the Invite a Freelancer or Invite an Agency button
  3. On the BYO form, select the option Invite to review an offer or Invite to join a talent cloud
  4. Enter the talent’s first and last name, plus their email address, on the form
  5. Depending on whether or not you are enrolled in Compliance Services, you may have to answer classification questions

Once you complete the form, we’ll send your freelancer an email with their invitation. When they accept, they’ll set up an Upwork profile and complete your company’s onboarding process (if applicable), before accepting their contract.

See other BYO talent

You can also see other talent that has been brought on by your company. You can view all BYO talent here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the freelancer I want to work with already has an Upwork account?

BYO invitations are restricted to freelancers who do not have an Upwork account, and clients should not direct freelancers to sign up on Upwork before they have received an invitation from the client. If the freelancer already has an Upwork account, the BYO program isn’t an option. Instead, you can invite them to a job.

I invited a freelancer to work with me through BYO, but they didn’t get the invitation. Why?

It may be because they already have an Upwork account, or created an Upwork freelancer account in the past. If they created an Upwork account at any time, the BYO invitation will not work.

If they don’t have an Upwork account, ask them to check their spam folder. We also suggest you check out the BYO page to see the latest status. You can contact support if you’re still having trouble.

The freelancer I want to bring to Upwork created an Upwork profile in the past, but was never active. Do they qualify for BYO?

Contact support to see if your case qualifies.

I invited a BYO freelancer. How do I add them to my team?
Does my freelancer have to pay to use Upwork?

Because Enterprise accounts each have individual contracts, BYO fees may vary.

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