As an Enterprise client, we want to give you every tool you need to succeed. One of those tools is Compliance Services.

If you enroll in Compliance Services, we’ll determine whether each freelancer you want to engage should be an independent contractor or an employee of our staffing agency. This helps protect your company from misclassification risk. To provide classification services and to help your engagements start promptly, your account team will assist with managing your onboarding workflow.

Enrolling or Opting Out

You can work with your account team to determine whether Compliance Services are right for your company. They can go over pricing and the options for additional onboarding tasks.

If your company chooses not to enroll, your company will be solely responsible for the worker classification compliance of your freelancers and the liability that that entails. Reach out to your account team to upgrade to Compliance Services at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I enrolled in Compliance Services?

To determine if you are currently enrolled in Compliance Services, simply go to Settings  › My Info  › Company details. If it says Enterprise Compliance, you are. If it says Enterprise Standard, you are not.

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