Your options for changing a freelancer’s rate depend on the type of Enterprise services your company is using.

Enterprise Standard

If you are an Enterprise Standard user, only the freelancer can lower a contract’s hourly rate on an active contract and only the client can raise it. Once changed, the new contract rate takes effect immediately.

Raise the rate on an hourly contract

  1. Go to Jobs and locate the contract
  2. Select the (...) options menu and select Increase rate

Enter the new rate and select Save Changes

The new rate will take effect immediately. The existing contract will continue, and it will be updated on your work histories to reflect the new rate.

If you want to request a lower hourly rate for an active contract, either ask your freelancer directly to do so or negotiate the lower rate on future contracts with the freelancer.

Enterprise Compliance

If your company is enrolled in compliance services, please contact your Enterprise Program Team to discuss contract changes.

Upwork Payroll

If you’re engaging freelancers through the Upwork Payroll solution and would like to adjust the rate, please contact your Upwork Payroll team. We will communicate your needs to the Employer of Record (EOR) who is supporting your freelancer’s assignment.

For Upwork Payroll engagements in the U.S., contact us at Upwork Payroll US Contracts. For Upwork Payroll engagements outside the U.S., contact us at Upwork Payroll Intl Contracts.

All rate changes for Upwork Payroll engagements must be made by the EOR. Changing the rate on Upwork does not change the freelancer’s rate.

Here are some other important points about rate changes for Upwork Payroll:

  • Freelancers cannot decrease their rate on Upwork Payroll contracts
  • The EOR can unilaterally increase a freelancer’s rate for compliance with applicable law, including minimum wage laws
  • EORs usually prefer to make new rates effective at the start of the next pay period

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