Collaboration and teamwork is an important part of any business. When you need to work with someone from your company on Enterprise, you can easily invite a coworker.

Invite a coworker to join you on Upwork Enterprise

  1. From your profile picture or icon, select the Invite a coworker dropdown
  2. Enter your coworker’s email address. You can also add a message if you want
  3. If you have Hiring Manager or Full permissions, you can assign your coworker to a team. If you’re not sure of their team yet, it’s okay to leave this blank
  4. A custom link for the portal to join your company will also appear in the invitation. You can copy this link if needed.
  5. Select Preview to review the email your coworker will receive, then select Send

Invite a coworker to join a message

You can invite a coworker to join you in a conversation with a freelancer. This can be helpful if multiple people need to interview a freelancer or when you’re collaborating on a project.

To invite a coworker to Upwork Messages:

  1. Go to Messages
  2. Find and open the message where you want to collaborate. You can use the search bar above your list of messages to search for specific freelancers or keywords.
  3. Select the People dropdown from your options beside your message
  4. Choose Add a coworker and enter the name of the person you want to add. If they are not already on Upwork, you can send an email to invite them to the company
  5. Assign the permissions you want the coworker to have in the message from the options available to you. These options will vary depending on the permissions you have (such as full, hiring manager, or recruiter permissions)

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