Reports offer simple ways to track activity on Upwork. Contract history reports allow you to track and manage important aspects of your work like how many contracts are assigned per team, contract types and status, and more.

To generate a contract history report

  1. Go to Jobs > All contracts
  2. Filter the contracts. Before downloading the CSV file, you have the option to filter the contracts based on your specific requirements. Learn more about each filter below
  3. Select the Download CSV button
  4. Open your CSV file to view the spreadsheet. It will contain all the data from the filters selected

Filter options for contract history reports

The filters you select on each contract history report are important. They’ll show you the data you need.
Team: You can filter the contracts by specific teams

  • Contact person: The contracts will be filtered by a specific contact person on the contract
  • Contract type: You can opt to filter the contracts by either hourly or fixed-price contracts
  • Contract status: The options available for this filter include All, Pending, Active, Ended, and Paused
  • Contract dates: You also have the option to filter by the contract start and end dates

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the downloaded CSV file (the contract history report) contain?

The downloaded CSV file contains comprehensive information about your contract history. This includes details about the contract such as its status, type, and associated teams or contact persons, as well as information about the freelancer and any custom field information that is linked to the contract.

I can't find the "Download CSV" button on my page, what should I do?

If you're having trouble finding the Download CSV button, make sure that you have the necessary permissions. This function is typically available to hiring managers or administrators within the company account. If you still can't locate the button despite having these permissions, please reach out to our Enterprise support team.

There’s too much data. How do I find what I need?

You can apply various filters such as specific teams, contact person, contract status, and more before downloading the report. Using the filters helps you tailor the data to your needs, making it more manageable and easier to analyze.

There is no option to filter by something I’m looking for. Can filters or custom information be added?

As this time we only offer the filters you see in your account. We are always working to improve though, so please let us know what filters you'd like to see added in the future.

I'm having trouble opening the downloaded CSV file, can you help?

We suggest first trying to open the file from a different device and ensuring that you have a program installed on your system that can handle CSV files, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If that doesn’t work, please reach out to our Enterprise support team.

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