The Purchase Orders Report is exclusive to Upwork Enterprise and offers visibility into your spend by Purchase Order (P.O.s). This report allows you to track your P.O. spend, configure alert thresholds, and edit existing P.O.s in a single, detailed view.

To view your purchase orders report

  • Go to Reports › Purchase Order Report
Who can view the Purchase Orders Report?

This report is available to the following team members: Program/Finance Admins: Can view spend on the P.O.s used for all contracts, add/archive new P.O.s, and edit existing P.O.s

How do I enable this report?

Any Enterprise account that requires or enables the use of P.O.s to post projects will automatically have this report enabled.

Why is this feature important?

Many companies require a hiring manager to enter a purchase order (P.O.) to show that a project’s expense is company-approved. P.O.s are often created with set budgets, timelines, and project parameters so the company can accurately forecast their financial health and not overspend.

How can I start using a P.O.?

Only clients who have the purchase order functionality turned on by their Enterprise admin can use P.O.s. If you need this option, contact your account manager or account admin.

Can I edit an existing or archived P.O.?

Yes, you control all aspects of the purchase order on your account. Once logged into your Upwork account you can click “Reports” then choose “Purchase Orders.” Note: If the P.O. is expired you’ll first need to extend the expiration date to unarchive it before editing.

What does it mean to archive a P.O.?

When you archive a purchase order they are no longer viewable/selectable by hiring managers on a job post, Bring Your Own Freelancer, or offer pages. However, they are still viewable/searchable on associated active contracts.

What types of permissions can I add to my P.O.?

Any admin can create new P.O.s. with distinct permissions. These include: Giving specific people or teams access to the P.O. Making P.O. use mandatory Making P.O. use mandatory but allowing exceptions (which means hiring managers can select “I don’t have one yet” on a job post, offer, or Bring Your Own Freelancer pages)

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