User activity reports can help analyze the data from you and your team's activity on Upwork. The granular details generated in these reports are beneficial to hiring managers, program administrators, and finance managers, as you can get details about user activity, spend across teams, and see status updates on hiring time, contracts, or job posts. It also shows your talent's earnings along with the service fees charged to your company agreed upon with the account administrators.

User activity reports can help you determine:

  • The amount of job posts you or your company have open currently
  • How many job posts you’ve closed
  • How many freelancers have been hired for each contract
  • Total spending of each hiring manager
  • Total spent on each individual contract, including fees
  • Total spent on Upwork so far

User activity reports can be generated by anyone with hiring manager access and above.

Create a user activity report

  1. Go to Reports > User Activity
  2. Select the date range
  3. Select Filters in the Report tab to customize your report. You can pick:
    • Teams: pick specific teams to be included in the report
    • User location: generate information for certain locations only
    • User status: select active or inactive users
    • Spend range: see information for specific time frames only
    • Purchase order

Once you’ve created the report, you can:

  • Sort columns in ascending or descending order by selecting the arrow buttons next to each column label
  • Transfer the info into an Excel file by choosing Export

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the user activity report?

Enterprise clients can find the user activity report under Reports > User Activity. You can only see these reports if you are designated as a hiring manager or above for your company.

What kind of information can I find in the user activity report?

The user activity report allows you to track your company's spending across teams during various time frames (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). It provides data on your average time to hire, the number of contracts, and the types of contracts. You can utilize various filters to sort historical talent engagement by time, spend, geography, performance, and contract type.

Can I customize the user activity report to suit my specific needs?

Yes, the user activity report comes with various filters that allow you to select the specific information presented. You can sort historical talent engagement by time, spend, geography, performance, and contract type to focus on the data that's most relevant to your needs.

Can I track my company's hiring performance over time using the user activity report?

Absolutely, the user activity report is a valuable tool for tracking your company's hiring performance over various time frames. It provides data on your average time to hire, the number of contracts, and the types of contracts, helping you to analyze and improve your hiring processes. Use the date range selection to control what timeframe is presented.

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