We understand that knowing when you’ll get paid is important for planning and peace of mind.

The time when your earnings become available depends on the type of payment — hourly, fixed-price, for a Project Catalog project, or a bonus:

  • Hourly contracts are based on a weekly billing cycle. The weekly billing period ends on Sunday. Your funds will be available 10 days later (the following Wednesday). Some contracts are eligible for faster payments. Learn more here.
  • Fixed-price contracts are based on milestones. Once the client approves a milestone, you'll be able to withdraw your earnings after a five-day security period.
  • Project Catalog contracts are based on project approval. Once the client approves your project, your funds are available after a five-day security period.
  • Bonus payments are available to you after your client's payment has been successfully processed and the five-day security period has passed.

To access your earnings, you'll need to add a payment method and set your tax status.

Select how you get paid

To make it easy for you to access your money, we offer a number of choices for withdrawing your funds. You can withdraw directly to your bank account with the following payment methods:

We also work with the following third-party payment vendors:

The availability of payment methods varies by country, and some banks may charge incoming fees additional to those listed above. Your available options will display when you add a payment method. Consider comparing costs and access options in your country before selecting a method.


If you are withdrawing directly to your bank account, the beneficiary name on your bank account must match your verified name on Upwork. This includes the addition of middle names, family names or unique characters. Exceptions may be made for transgender users and common name changes, i.e., Robert to Bob.

If your payment method was flagged for a name mismatch, you may add a new payment method that reflects your Upwork verified name, or reply to the email sent from Upwork to start the process of verifying that you are an authorized user on the payment method.

Set up a payment method

  1. Go to SettingsGet Paid
  2. Choose Add Method
  3. Choose the Set Up button for your chosen method and enter the information
  4. Choose a payment schedule and choose Next

We take the security of your account very seriously. For security reasons, your new payment method will become active in three calendar days.

Be sure to double check your account number(s) and details carefully. You must enter these details accurately to withdraw your money.

Consider setting up a second payment method as a backup. Then, if your first payment method isn't available for some reason, you will still be able to access your funds. You can add as many methods as you want and make changes as needed.

Automatic payment schedules

If you’d like to be paid on a certain schedule without having to request a withdrawal each time, you can set up an automatic payment schedule. We added this option to make getting paid more convenient for you.

First, set up a payment method. Next, choose your payment schedule. Then, we’ll disburse your available balance to your preferred payment method automatically according to your chosen schedule. Learn more about setting up and changing your payment withdrawal schedule.

Even after you set up an automatic payment schedule, you can still withdraw your available funds manually at any time.

Reserve balance

If you want to keep earnings in your account to purchase Connects or Agency or Freelancer memberships, you can set a reserve balance of up to $250 USD that won’t be disbursed with either your automatic or manual withdrawals.

You’ll see the option to set up a reserve balance when you set up your withdrawal method. If you’ve already set up a withdrawal method and want to add a reserve balance or edit an existing one, go to Settings > Get Paid and choose the pencil icon in the Withdrawal schedule section.

When you’ve set a reserve balance amount, only the portion of your earnings that exceed your reserve balance amount will be withdrawn at each scheduled automatic or manual withdrawal. If you draw down the reserve balance with purchases, that amount will be replenished with subsequent earnings, and later scheduled withdrawals will continue to only draw from earnings in excess of the reserve amount.

To withdraw all of your reserve balance, set the reserve amount to zero.

Withdraw your earnings manually

You can withdraw your available balance at any time using the "Get Paid Now" option.

  1. Go to the SettingsGet Paid.
  2. Choose the Get Paid Now button.
  3. Choose the amount to withdraw.
  4. Choose Get Paid Now.

To edit payment information

  1. Go to SettingsGet Paid
  2. Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to edit
  3. Choose Edit from the (...) options menu
  4. Edit your information and select Save Changes

To protect the security of your account, we don’t allow you to edit certain information within a payment method. You cannot edit email addresses, bank account numbers, and bank codes. You must add a new payment method if these change. These new payment methods will be subject to the same three-day waiting period that we applied to your first payment selection. Don't forget to remove the old payment method at that time, too.

To remove a payment method

  1. Go to SettingsGet Paid
  2. Under Payment Methods, find the one you want to remove
  3. Select Remove from the (...) options menu


Pending payment or no available balance

Your earnings will show as pending on your Transaction History while payments are in the review and security periods. The date that the funds are available to be withdrawn will show in the Date column on the left-hand side of the report.

New payment method recently added

For security reasons, when you set up a new payment method, it will become available for use 3 calendar days after it has been added.

No tax information on file

All freelancers must enter their tax status.

Suspended financial account

If your account is temporarily limited, your ability to withdraw may be turned off until the issue is resolved. Please refer to the relevant notification and instructions to resolve the limitation.

I haven’t received my withdrawal

For additional troubleshooting tips for non-received or returned withdrawals, go here

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