Feeling respected and appreciated for your work is important. Though some clients understand the difference that good feedback can make, others might need a nudge to leave any feedback at all. Successful freelancers agree that approaching clients about feedback should always be done tactfully.

Express Appreciation Instead of Demand

On Upwork, neither party is necessarily required to leave feedback. Lack of feedback does not impact your Job Success Score, either. While we know it’s ideal for all your clients to leave feedback, neither you nor we can require them to do so. Your best bet is to politely ask for honest feedback. Avoid phrases like “I am expecting good feedback” or “I need feedback from you.” Focus on being positive and professional.

Consider using phrases like below and share information about how to leave feedback for you:

  • I hope that you are as pleased as I am with the outcome of this project! If you get a chance, I’d appreciate your feedback! Here’s how to leave feedback on Upwork.
  • Now that our project is over, I would appreciate any feedback you have! This helps me ensure that I continue delivering great work to clients. Here’s how to leave feedback on Upwork.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to work together. I hope you are as happy with the results as I am. Feedback helps me refine my abilities, so please let me know what I did well on and how I can improve moving forward. Here’s how to leave feedback on Upwork.

Remember, never pressure clients to leave good feedback. Expect a client to leave honest feedback about their entire experience working together, not just about the final product. Clients can change public feedback, but badgering them into doing so usually doesn’t have a positive impact. Asking over and over again can be considered unprofessional and can frustrate clients.

Happy clients are often compelled to rave about their experience, so focus on the project over the feedback. When you communicate consistently and quickly, it shows clients that you are professional, motivated, and understanding of their needs. If you have already established a good relationship with your client, asking for feedback at the end of the job will come easily.

The Upwork Feedback Process

If a client does not close a project, feel free to do so on your end and leave feedback for your client. Receiving feedback from you may encourage them to reciprocate, and they’ll have 14 days to leave a review.

The Upwork feedback system is double-blind, meaning that the client cannot see the feedback you left them until after they have left feedback for you, or until the 14-day feedback period expires. At that point, your feedback will become visible in your contract. It may take up to 24 hours for new feedback to show on your public work history.

For more information about seeing and sharing feedback, click here.

For more information about how to leave feedback, click here.


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