When you create your Upwork account, you have the option to do so with your Apple ID/email account. However, depending on how you do it, you may unintentionally block us from sending important emails to your real email address. Apple’s “Hide My Email” option allows you to keep your email address private when signing into websites and apps. If you use it with Upwork, you may not get our emails in your inbox.

If you’ve noticed you aren’t receiving emails from us, we suggest:

  1. Checking your spam folder. If you see any emails from us, mark them as “not spam.” This should allow future emails to land in your inbox so you don’t miss them.
  2. Checking your Apple settings. If you don’t see emails from us in your spam folder:
    1. Grab your Apple device and go to “Settings”
    2. Tap your name at the top of the “Settings” page
    3. Tap “iCloud” and select “Hide My Email” and “Manage”
    4. Scroll to the “Forward to” section and make sure it’s set up to send emails from us to your real Apple email address

If neither of the above work, please reach out to us, we are here to help!


Do not select the “Stop Using Apple ID” option —this can cause you to lose access to your Upwork account.

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