If you're a freelancer, you need a photo as it's often the first thing another user will notice about you. So we have a few guidelines about what yours should (and shouldn't) look like.

What is a profile picture?

It's the image that's attached to our profile.

The people you deal with on Upwork need to know that you are who you say you are, and being able to see your face is a reassuring first step.

What should my profile picture look like?

It should be a close-up image of your head and shoulders, clearly showing your face.

It should also look professional. That doesn't mean you need to get headshots taken in a studio. It just should be the sort of picture you'd use for a passport or other ID.

How to take a great photo?

We recommend making sure your picture has good lighting and a simple background. What won't work is if your picture:

  • Is blank
  • Doesn't include all of your face
  • Is blurry
  • Is a group photo
  • Has text on it

Learn more about choosing a great profile photo.

Additional tips for what isn't allowed

Since as a freelancer your profile picture has to accurately represent who you are, it obviously shouldn't be a photo of a place, a design or object, or someone or something else (also, misrepresenting who you are, goes against our Terms of Service.)

Upwork is a marketplace for professionals, so we expect everyone to behave in a professional way. A photo that shows someone without clothes or in any kind of sexual scenario is not allowed.

Keep in mind that if we need to review a photo to ensure that it is within our rules, our team will review the photo that was uploaded.

What if you are a client?

A client photo is a good opportunity to share more about your business. You could, for example, use your company logo. However, whatever you decide, the photo should still be appropriate so nothing violent, pornographic, or illegal, for instance.

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