The contract workroom is your home base for each contract. Here you’ll find information you need to manage you and your talent’s work, including timesheets, uploaded files, messages, and more.


To view a contract page

  1. Go to Jobs > All contracts
  2. Select the relevant contract

Each contract page has different tabs, listed at the top, where you can learn more about the contract and manage work being done.


The overview page is the first page you’ll see in the contract. It provides a high-level look at the job, including to-dos, billings, and recently uploaded files.


To do’s only appear for hourly contracts. They’re action items you assign your talent. Any time you add a to-do, your talent will be notified and they can begin work. You can add a new to-do by selecting the + New button, and edit or delete existing to-dos by selecting the pencil button.

Milestone timeline

Milestones are how you break down fixed-price contracts into actionable work for you and your talent, so this timeline only appears if you have a fixed-price contract. This will show the work your talent is doing, the cost for the milestone, and include options for you to keep the project moving forward (like Pay Now, Add a new milestone, etc.)

Recently uploaded

If talent needs to deliver work, they’ll upload it and send it to you. You can easily access these files here, in the recently uploaded section of the overview tab. If you need to see files that are older, go to Messages.


This section provides a quick view of how much you’ll be charged. If it’s a fixed-price contract, you’ll see the billing for the whole project. If it’s an hourly contract, you’ll see that week’s hours. You can edit the weekly limit for hourly contracts here, with the pencil tool, or select View Timesheet for more detailed information.


The timesheet only appears for hourly contracts. It shows how many hours your talent has logged. At the top, you’ll see general information like how much time they’ve logged this week. Below that, you can see your talent’s Work Diary. Selecting a specific day will show the week of its invoice, and how many hours were logged each day. You’ll also be shown which of these hours were entered manually, and if any were over the set limit. The total amount is how much you’ll pay for that week’s work, before fees or taxes.


Upwork Messages is the best way to communicate with your talent. This tab shows the messages between you and your talent for this specific contract only. Learn more about messages.


The details page shows more information about the contract type, rate, start and end date, recent activity, team, and more about the talent. This section can be customized based on custom fields within the Enterprise section account.


This provides details about the contract type, dates, weekly limits, and more. Use the Show more button to view more details.


This is how the job was described when it was created. You can choose to View original proposals if you’d like to see all of the proposals submitted for this contract.

Recent Activity

Recent activity will show what’s happening with the contract. For example, it will list the date the contract was accepted, show payments made to your talent, etc.

About the Talent

This section shows who your talent is, where they’re located and their timezone, as well as how many jobs they’ve worked and funds earned.


Feedback is an important part of work, and how we operate. If you’ve left feedback for them in the past, it will appear here. You can also choose to Leave Feedback when eligible. Learn more about leaving feedback.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract page?

The contract page shows details about each contract, and it’s how you can manage the work being done. Here, you can monitor the time tracked for your project, set weekly limits, assign to-do items, and more.

How do I set a weekly limit of hours for my talent?

You can set a weekly limit of hours in the contract page. This makes sure your talent can’t log excessive hours and helps you stay on budget.

  1. Select your contract from the All contracts page
  2. Choose the Timesheet tab
  1. Select the pencil icon under the section labeled This week.


Where do I see what I’m spending for each contract?

For hourly contracts,you can see what you spend for each contract within the timesheet page. You’ll be able to see details about this week’s invoice, as well as how many hours were tracked last week.

For fixed-price contracts, you can see this in the Overview tab, under Billings.

For a bigger view of your financial transactions, view your Transaction History Report

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